1. Please come to the sample without makeup and without jewelry
(In order not to leave traces of lipstick or tonal foundation on them, we recommend that you come to the sample room without makeup, as well as not to hang up your dresses and remove jewelry)

2. Put on comfortable body-toned clothes
(The best underwear is the one that you practically don't feel on yourself. It shouldn't restrict your movements during fitting or pressurize the skin.)

3. Take your shoes with you
(If you know exactly what kind of shoes you will appear in front of the guests in, be sure to take them with you as a sample)

4. Answer the consultant's questions honestly

(Considering how the dress fitting goes in the salon, answering honestly, you have every chance to choose a comfortable dress according to size. The main thing is to find comfortable holiday clothes with a suitable silhouette.)

This message has the title of recommendation which does not oblige you to do anything